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    Home project Z277 - One-storey house with a double garage.

    Z277 mirror image

    One-storey house with a double garage.
    mirror image
    Home project Z277 - One-storey house with a double garage.
    Home project Z277 - One-storey house with a double garage.
    Home project Z277 - One-storey house with a double garage.
    Home project Z277 - One-storey house with a double garage.
    Home project  - One-storey house with a double garage.

    Ground 127,9 / 162,8

    4,1 m²
    2,5 m²
    1,7 m²
    8,1 m² /  m²
    6,0 m²
    7,2 m²
    12,0 m²
    3,5 m²
    35,7 m²
    12,9 m²
    12,5 m²
    13,0 m²
    3,7 m²
    2,8 m²
    36,4 m²
    Pomieszczenie gospodarcze
    6,7 m²
    2,4 m²
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    Home project  - One-storey house with a double garage.

    Minimal plot - dimensions, which must have a plot that house could be placed in accordance with the
    Minimal plot

    25,76 m
    26,96 m
    Dimensions of the front elevation
    Dimensions of the front elevation - the dimensions of the front façade of the building along with the retaining wall surfaces excluding windows and doors
    18,76 m

    Area and dimensions

    Usable / net
    127,9 / 162,8 m²
    Usable: Area of all rooms except for the technical room, garage, utility room, attic. When sizes does not include plaster and wall coverings.
    Net area: This is the area of all rooms of the building measured at floor level, taking into account plaster and wall cladding. Does not diminish the floor area of variable height - eg. In the attic. To put it simply - so as to spread in all areas of the carpet on the floor.
    Living area
    213,0 m²
    Living area: Is a surface contour of the exterior walls of the building. For building area is not included: the underground part of the building, ramp car, external stairs, porches, canopies over the entrances, galleries and all floor. But it takes into account eg. Conservatories or other elements of the build.
    Garage area
    36,4 m²
    478,32 m³
    Cubic: The volume of the room, or floor area multiplied by the height of the floor. To calculate the volume of the assumed height measured from the floor - from the bottom floor or to the bottom of the flat roof.
    The height of the house
    6,64 m
    The height of the house - height from ground level to the ridge or attic.
    The angle of inclination of the roof
    30° / 2°
    The angle of inclination of the roof - the angle of the roof to the ground.
    Roof area
    275,62 m²
    Roof area - total roof area with the exception of roof windows.
    Minimal plot
    25,76 x 26,96 m

    Technology and construction

    aerated concrete, ceramics
    Ceiling (ground floor)
    reinforced concrete
    bituminous, tile

    Thermal insulation

    heating system
    solid fuel, erv
    heating system - Type of heating provided for the project

    Z277 is a one-storey building with a two-seater garage with a flat roof and a multi-slope roof over the living part. It has large glazing and openwork canopies over the entrance and garden part.

    The finish of the façade consists of a raw stone cladding, a warmer wooden cladding in the garden part, and plaster in white and graphite colors.

    Greenery beds were planted in front of the house.

    The building has two entrances. Front, thanks to which the autumn weather will never be comfortable in our entrance hall, because the entrance is partly covered. And the second exit - leading to the terrace with an external fireplace, further to the garden, where in spring the shadow of trees looks into the green fruit, like in the eyes.

    The storage box can be used as an additional wardrobe or "playhouse" for the Christmas tree, and other things seldom used by household members.

    The right part of the house is a living area, the left one. The kitchen was combined with the dining room and the living room on the principle of open space. Thanks to this, it is spacious and we can enjoy our representative surface.

    In the left part of the house, 3 bedrooms have been designed, including the largest for parents - it has a separate bathroom and wardrobe. The other 2 rooms can be intended for children.

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