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What is Z500?

Z500 is a home design studio that offers contemporary European styled house plans for the discerning investor. We have designs catering for every need, from the first home buyer to those seeking a forever family home and beyond.

Z500 designs are distinguished by comfort, attractiveness and practical solutions. Our homes are professionally created with a focus on construction economics, energy efficiency, aesthetics as well as usability for everyday life. Z500 embodies the quality of European influence and design inspiration.


1. Plan Selection or Start Fresh - Select a design of choice as base plan (we can adapt the design to suit specific needs) or we can use a configuration as inspiration and create something new or original from scratch.

2. Design Brief Meeting / Project Strategy Session (FREE) - This is the phase where we discuss all of the needs and wants you have for your project. We'll work together to develop a list of wants and requirements for the spatial aspects including an indication of architectural style and feel for your new home.

3. Concept Design - We'll work toward gathering all of the necessary measurements and background information required to start designing a concept set of floor plans. Once we've collected all of the required information, we'll create a set of schematic drawings and review them with you in person. This is a fluid process where we'll openly discuss aspects you like and don't like. The feedback from review meetings will aid in driving the overall direction of the design.

We want to ensure total satisfaction is achieved as a result and with this in mind, we'll continue reviews until satisfied. During this phase, we'll produce accurate floor plan(s) and then progress to elevating the design into 3D photo-real renderings (Additional 3D walk-through animations and fly-bys can also be provided).

4. Pricing Drawings - Now that we have a firm direction on the final design, it's time to add some detail. At this point, we start developing the design and produce a set of drawings suitable for issuing to a builder for estimate pricing.

During this phase, we'll create floor plans, 3D renderings, and a primary build specification that outline the scope and details of your new home. We'll also assist with contractor selection by detailing what items need to be included in estimates so that you can compare estimates fairly.

At this point, we will have also considered the relevant council planning rules, site conditions and covenants. For complex sites, we call upon experts to peer review and liaise closely with council planners.

Resource Consent considerations: In certain situations, and depending on the outcome of the final concept design, a resource consent may be required.

5. Building Consent Documents - Now that you have estimates from all necessary parties and more detailed pricing information, we'll work together to create the final developed design that works with your budget and your wish list. Once the design is finalised, we'll get to work creating and procuring the necessary documents required for your building consent application. During this phase, we'll create the consent drawings, a build specification accompanied by associated supplier details. We'll also be liaising with third-party consultants, as required.

6. Construction Administration - Not to be confused with Project Management, Construction Administration is where we liaise with the main building contractor and their representatives to assist in addressing any construction queries arising in regards to interpreting the construction documents (represented as the building consent documents).

With your best interests at heart, we'll be available to liaise as necessary and help ensure your project is completed to your vision as intended from the outset.


Design Brief Meeting / Project Strategy Session - Free

Pre-designed plan
Includes 3D views, floor plan, elevations, typical cross-section(s) - suitable for obtaining construction price estimate.
from $500.00 + GST

Minor plan changes - Free

New design (concepts + pricing drawings)
$2,500.00 + GST

Building Consent Documentation
subject to size and complexity – POA
from $4,200.00 + GST

(Pricing valid until 01 May 2018)

Please call to discuss your requirements - 021 845 158

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