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Home project  - A modern home with sharp roof lines, 4 bedrooms and a double garage.


A modern home with sharp roof lines, 4 bedrooms and a double garage.
project's availability 22 work days

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Home project  - A modern home with sharp roof lines, 4 bedrooms and a double garage.

Ground 137,2 / 187,9

4,6 m²
9,8 m²
6,7 m²
7,3 m²
5,7 m²
7,1 m²
14,0 m²
38,9 m²
14,3 m²
3,9 m²
21,0 m²
37,6 m²
Pomieszczenie gospodarcze
13,1 m²
3,9 m²
Home project  - A modern home with sharp roof lines, 4 bedrooms and a double garage.

Garret 52,7 / 55,1

6,8 m²
4,0 m²
14,7 m²
14,0 m²
4,9 m²
8,4 m²
Home project  - A modern home with sharp roof lines, 4 bedrooms and a double garage.

Minimal plot - dimensions, which must have a plot that house could be placed in accordance with the
Minimal plot

30,52 m
30,14 m
Dimensions of the front elevation
Dimensions of the front elevation - the dimensions of the front façade of the building along with the retaining wall surfaces excluding windows and doors
24,52 m

Area and dimensions

Usable / net
189,9 / 243,0 m²
Usable: Area of all rooms except for the technical room, garage, utility room, attic. When sizes does not include plaster and wall coverings.
Net area: This is the area of all rooms of the building measured at floor level, taking into account plaster and wall cladding. Does not diminish the floor area of variable height - eg. In the attic. To put it simply - so as to spread in all areas of the carpet on the floor.
Living area
232,0 m²
Living area: Is a surface contour of the exterior walls of the building. For building area is not included: the underground part of the building, ramp car, external stairs, porches, canopies over the entrances, galleries and all floor. But it takes into account eg. Conservatories or other elements of the build.
Garage area
37,6 m²
706,32 m³
Cubic: The volume of the room, or floor area multiplied by the height of the floor. To calculate the volume of the assumed height measured from the floor - from the bottom floor or to the bottom of the flat roof.
The height of the house
10 m
The height of the house - height from ground level to the ridge or attic.
The angle of inclination of the roof
22° / 30°
The angle of inclination of the roof - the angle of the roof to the ground.
Roof area
275,4 m²
Roof area - total roof area with the exception of roof windows.
Minimal plot
30,52 x 30,14 m

Technology and construction

aerated concrete, ceramics, silicates
bituminous, shingle

Thermal insulation

heating system
solid fuel, ERV
heating system - Type of heating provided for the project

Zx94 is a modern version of an attic style home. It has a combination of two roof types, a flat potion and a sharp gable. The white and graphite exterior colours bring an elegant look that will remain fashionable in time. On the terrace, privacy is provided by a decorative horizontal slat feature wall.

In total, the floor plan measures an approximate 190sq.m, including the modern attic form located above the garage. The left wing of the home is a simple block shape with a flat roof. This is where the front door is located with an entrance retracted centrally in relation to the façade.

When entering the home, the open space of the living area with a high pitched ceiling reveals two, floor to ceiling glazed walls. This floods the open plan living and kitchen with lots of sunlight and joy every day. A covered terrace is presented off the main living area. The roof formation and slat feature wall provides a lot of interest. Thanks to the enlarged living area and well considered indoor/outdoor flow, family or group gatherings will remain etched in the memory for a very long time.

On the far left side is a private large master bedroom complete with walk-in-robe and ensuite. Near the master bedroom is a separate laundry with an exit across the corridor that leads onto the wrap around terrace.

On the right side from the main entrance there is a study, which can also be used as a guest bedroom. The room is adjacent to a small bathroom for guests in which a shower can be provided. On the right wing is a double garage and large workshop or store room (also accessible from the outside -optional). The link between the garage and the kitchen is via a pantry.

In the central part of the ground floor there are stairs that lead to the attic. Upstairs are two independent, adjustable rooms with walk-in-robes and a shared bathroom. The rooms are intended for children, so that both teenagers and parents had their privacy.

Zx94 is a neat home designed for people who appreciate modern style, meeting with friends and privacy at the same time.

Additional informations about the project and order

A prepayment of 50% of the price is required.
The prepayment is irreclaimable in the case of cancellation/replacement of the project.

Produkty marki Z500™ objęte są prawami autorskimi zgodnie z ustawą o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych (Dziennik Ustaw nr 24 poz. 83 z dnia 23.02.1994) zastrzega prawa autorskie i zakazuje wykorzystywania tego produktu do celów handlowych, reklamy oraz wprowadzania w nim zmian ponad wymienione w projekcie bez wiedzy i zgody podmiotu reprezentującego. Nabycie oryginalnego projektu w czterech egzemplarzach obejmuje prawo zastosowania go do budowy tylko jednego domu wyłącznie na terenie Polski. Reprezentantem marki Z500™ w Polsce jest podmiot Z500 Sp. z o.o.

project's availability 22 work days

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